Rebecca Droke

Visual Storyteller

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Leading visual storytelling that creates empathetic connections between people and communities.

I guide visually rich multimedia projects that help mission-driven clients tell their stories on the web. I blend a deep understanding of the creative process with managing logistics — planning, organizing and meeting deadlines — so projects run smoothly. I’ve led an award-winning photo and video team and prior to that, created issue-based collaborative multimedia projects at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Since 2020, I’ve been learning web design and development to approach digital projects holistically.

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When I'm not storytelling, I wander the woods and waterways of Western Pennsylvania. I am a creative dreamer and collector of ideas who loves to knit and get lost in photo archives.

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I focus on documentary-style photos and videos and expanding my skillset, including UI/UX design.
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I love building relationships and bringing people together to launch projects cooperatively.
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I’m passionate about guiding projects from initiation to launch to ensure their highest impact.

I enjoy working with:

Mission-driven people and organizations that value the power of visual storytelling

Experience I draw from:

Working with clients, organizations, colleagues and diverse communities to create meaningful digital projects

I'm recognized for:

Shepherding long-form digital and print visual stories to publication; visuals editor on a 2019 Pulitzer Prize-winning staff

Skills & tools:

Photography & Videography
Adobe Creative Suite
UI Design
Identity Design & Branding

What I bring:


Project management skills:

Project Planning & Scheduling

Case studies

View selected case studies to learn how my process can help your next project.